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Our Story

DJ Yehuda started his music career at a very young age. By the age of 5, he already played drums and was always practicing and learning. At 10 he picked up the piano and never let it go. He went on to learn music theory, arranging, studio recording, and sound engineering, and even dabbling in various stringed instruments and the saxophone. His interest in EDM was ignited when he started making his own recordings in his home studio and began to make his own backing tracks electronically. He proceeded to study EDM programming and full-scale Music Production.

In 2014, DJ Yehuda started the 'DJ Yehuda Show' on Jroot Radio and went on to be wildly successful with tens of thousands of fans in the Tri-State area and beyond.

He hosted numerous live radio and video broadcast events with well over 80,000 viewers.

In 2017 he founded DJ Yehuda Productions to cater to all events and productions. DJ Yehuda Productions is a full-service Event Production Company. We collaborate with artists, entertainers, and companies throughout Florida, New York, and beyond, and have developed a strong reputation as a result of our memorable events, signature energy, and professional performance.

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